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Susan Mazurek shares experienced insight with clients seeking to protect their valuable intellectual property portfolios. Whether you’re filing, prosecuting or maintaining global trademarks, Susan is prepared to help businesses of any size in every industry. Susan has international firm experience in trademark and patent protection, as she’s managed portfolios for companies — from small businesses to multibillion-dollar organizations — in industries including beauty/cosmetics, music distribution, cannabis/hemp, restaurants, ridesharing, chemical manufacturing, paints/coatings, pesticides/fungicides, power transmission equipment manufacturing, customer relationship management and cloud-based software.

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Branding Success: How to Select a Strong Trademark


We all know a picture is worth a thousand words, but did you know a trademark can be worth BILLIONS of dollars? In fact, some of the top trademarks in the world are worth hundreds of billions. What’s the secret to this branding success? A strong trademark!

A trademark serves many purposes. Two of the more important purposes are: (1) identifying the source of a company’s or individual’s goods or services; and (2) indicating to consumers the quality or type of goods or services identified by the mark. Consumers rely on trademarks to make informed decisions about the goods and services they purchase or use.

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