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QQ Wang supports clients in establishing and protecting the value of their businesses’ intellectual property assets. Before joining the firm, QQ was a summer associate at Faegre Drinker for two summers. She worked with attorneys on a variety of trademark and copyright matters, along with pro bono matters involving First Amendment rights and immigration issues.

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Connecting with Digital Natives through Brand Protection


With the constant rise of counterfeiting, protecting one’s brand is now more important than ever. Many brand owners already take protective steps to protect their brands such as registering brands through trademark and copyright registrations and monitoring fraudulent use of said brands. However, with our current social media-driven world, connecting with the digitally native generations is a critical measure brand owners should consider in protecting their reputation and their consumers.

The term “digital native” describes a person who grew up in the information age with computers and an understanding of the Internet. Digital natives make up the largest share of the consumer base and workforce: Millennials (born between 1980-1994), Gen Z (born between 1995-2012), and Gen Alpha (born between 2013-2025) are digital natives because they were exposed to the Internet, social media, and mobile systems from an early age. Digital native generations are important for any brand’s future because they have significant buying power and influence.

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