A Look at Brand Lifeguarding: Trademark Watching


In a September 6, 2018 webinar hosted by CompuMark, I presented on the very important topic of trademark watching services. Thanks to CompuMark for inviting me to speak, and to everyone who attended the webinar and asked great questions!  (If all goes according to plan, future blog posts may cover some of the questions we ran out of time to answer during the webinar).  For those who weren’t able to make the webinar during the live presentation, you can access a copy on CompuMark’s website (you’ll need to register on the right side of the screen).

In the webinar, I discuss strategies and tips for leveraging trademark watching services for protecting your brand.  As our regular blog readers know, trademark watching services are one of our favorite topics, and we rely on them for effective – and early – trademark enforcement.  In the webinar, I discuss watch-facilitated strategies like filing letters of protest.  I also walk through setting up and maintaining watches, and give a window into outside counsel’s thought process when deciding whether to report watch notices to clients, and what to think about during enforcement, should the client decide to act.  I touch on recent infringement trends, including the increasing filing of fraudulent specimens with US applications and the USPTO’s pilot program combatting them.  With infringement on the rise globally, now is as good a time as ever for businesses to think about doubling down on brand protection.

Note: CompuMark is a trademark watching service provider to the author and other Drinker Biddle trademark lawyers. Neither the author nor Drinker Biddle was compensated for this article or the author’s participation in the September 6 webinar. 



About the Author: Tore T. DeBella

Tore Thomas DeBella is an associate in the firm's Intellectual Property Practice Group. Tore’s practice focuses on trademark clearance, portfolio management and enforcement, as well as information technology and data privacy/security strategy and compliance. Tore’s unique blended practice offers significant value to his clients, as he is able to counsel on both the “brand value” and “data” implications of various cutting-edge technological issues like social media, website policies and terms, keyword advertising and domain names.